A room with poetry and music: Art by Anna Valdez from California

Art by Anna Valdez is bookish and super sweet! The spontaneous assortment of items are endearing, like the home of a longtime friend. The poetry books, 80′s albums, potted plants, tapestries are from her Oakland studio:

“They exist as a part of my domestic environment, and I have put them in my paintings to understand the domestic sphere as emblematic of both personal and collective experience.”

The craving for tranquility is a distinctive quality of our generation. Anna’s art neutralizes the noise in big cities and reminds us to enjoy some alone time with poetry and music. These works prove that in order to empathize with others we have to reveal the intimate, peculiar and vulnerable parts of ourselves.

Anna is an artist with an academic background in sociocultural anthropology. In 2013, she completed a Masters of Fine Arts degree in Painting from Boston University. Her work has been exhibited in galleries and museums across the United States. Anna’s art regularly attracts attention from online art and design magazines.

Quirky and cozy art by Anna Valdez:

framepoetryandmusicWe Like This Poetry and Music  NEW

framestudiomatisseStudio Moments With Matisse  NEW

framepicnicPicnic  NEW

framerugdetailRug Detail  NEW

framefrenchcookingMastering the Art of French Cooking  NEW





Alice Zhang

Alice Zhang

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