Art doesn’t have to be so serious all the time

“Why is contemporary art so difficult to understand?” It’s a knotty and familiar question. How often have you walked into an art gallery or museum thinking “WTF?” (we all have), or seen people tiptoe forward to read a label then awkwardly focus on a mundane detail? Reading about art doesn’t help either. Much of art journalism is filled with superfluous, obscure and off-putting jargon (or “art bollocks“). Art commentary appears to be drowning in abused semantics, vague contradictions and incomprehensible assemblage. The internet, on the other hand, excites straight talk. The internet knocks down the intimidation factor of art. Stew features art about about you, conversations about us. Art on Stew brings us clarity about today’s issues, they capture the quirks, humor and nuances of our generation. Specific emotions are articulated in the most witty, poignant and satirical ways, like how it feels when the heart and mind are not on the same page, or how the world exploits the gullible, or how today’s youths feel cramped, congested and overworked. Art reminds us we are never alone in our frustrations. Art helps us face the day with renewed enthusiasm.

We should relax around art.

frameNewLegendaryMonstersIThe New Legendary Monsters I  NEW
by Eleonora Arosio from Lissone

frameNewLegendaryMonstersIIThe New Legendary Monsters II  NEW
by Eleonora Arosio from Lissone

framedriftingapartDrifting Apart
by Max Grunfeld from Hamburg

frametreewhaleTree Whale  POPULAR
by KYU from Seoul

frameinternetworld frameinternetworldInternet World
by Alba Blázquez from Madrid

framef_cktreeFuc_ Tree
by KYU from Seoul

frameadifferentlookatcardsA Different Look at Cards
by Dave Van Patten from Long Beach

frameintheboxIn the Box
by Emily Lau from Hong Kong

framedeeresthipsterDeerest Hipster
by Anita Goldstein from Cambridge

by Alba Blázquez from Madrid


Alice Zhang

Alice Zhang

Creative Director at Stew