Art made for long winter nights


All seasons are spectacular, but winter is especially breathtaking. The allure of snow, vanishing roads and brumous skies hint at the thread of possibility. Winter is a time for restoration. It reminds us to appreciate a warm winter coat, the touch of a friendly hand, the comfort of a familiar face. We crave conversations beside the fire, page-turners and art made for long winter nights. Winter adds to the poetry of going home.

Baby it’s cold outside. Slumbering, restorative, winter-themed artworks.

frameIheartwinterI ♥ Winter
by Martynas Pavilonis from Vilnius

by Jarek Puczel from Olsztyn

framecomfortzoneComfort Zone
by Martynas Pavilonis from Vilnius

framegoawayGo Away
by KYU from Seoul

framedeeresthipsterDeerest Hipster
by Anita Goldstein from Cambridge

framefamilystormThe Family Storm
by Dave Van Patten from Long Beach



Alice Zhang

Alice Zhang

Creative Director at Stew