Art that makes you swoon: Gripping, polycausal images

We love to hear from new art collectors, they tell us how it feels to fall for a piece of art for the first time: the gripping feeling that you get, by something that you thought had nothing to do with you, but suddenly it grabs you, moves you and won’t let go — it’s an incredibly addictive feeling. We think the kind of art that achieve this the most are polycausal artworks, complex images with multiple points of interest, assortments of meanings, and a full range of emotions. They are belief augmenting, paradoxical — both beautiful and perplexing — art that causes giddy confusion, art that makes you swoon and go weak at the knees (Stendhal syndrome). Art delightfully unhinges any presumptions that we might have about our lives and edits them down, pushes away the day to night hustle, to focus on life’s most meaningful aspects.

Gripping, complex and polycausal artworks:

driftingapartDrifting Apart by Max Grunfeld from Hamburg

thenightThe Night by Emily Lau from Hong Kong

blowup.1Blow-up by Jarek Puczel from Olsztyn

ohdeerOh Deer by Max Grunfeld from Hamburg

chasinggameA Chasing Game by Emily Lau from Hong Kong

rodrigo3Chambelú Codex by Rodrigo Simancas from Mexico City

justholdingitJust holding it by Ville Savimaa from Helsinki

dragtopiaDragtopia by Rory Midhani from Berlin

raphael2Dark (K)night of the soul by Raphael Vicenzi from Brussel

dinosaurus1Dinosaurus by Paul Loubet from Buenos Aires

Alice Zhang

Alice Zhang

Creative Director at Stew