Art online, a manifesto. Part 2: The “art world”? There is only one world.

Part 2: The “art world”? There is only one world.

The popular term “art world” makes art feel far from life, as if art lives in a separate world from our own. The problem with today’s marketing buzz words is that they don’t build community, nor trust. Art is inherently a communicator, a vehicle for human connection. When two people find a sense of community, trust forms, so does humility, compassion and appreciation.

When art goes “live” it means it’s broadcast. Art has the unique ability to connect two people across the globe with a common set of values and beliefs. You may be sharing a mutual frustration with a Bolivian artist regarding mass media brainwashing, or a feel a sudden surge of emotions when browsing through paintings by an artist in Poland who pinpoints exactly how you feel about love. Their whimsical take on the world not only articulate modern dilemmas, but above all define what it means to live in today’s world: the importance of being goofy, ceaselessly inquisitive, with such bloody-minded nerve.

Our gallery is buzzing with excitement whenever we receive an order from a small town in Germany, where galleries don’t congregate like they do in big cities. Online is the prevailing source to quench their thirst for art. We are in awe of our collectors as we are of our artists. To the those who care art is as indispensable as water. Owning art is like owning durable pieces of the ephemeral, passion memorialized. Art is a prerequisite for a good life.

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Alice Zhang

Alice Zhang

Creative Director at Stew