Art online, a manifesto. Part 3: Life is short, and art is long.

Part 3: Life is short, and art is long.

Art withstands the tear of millennia. At the gallery, we love it when audiences ask a bold question: “What does it mean?”. We’re addicted to the sense of the uncanny. Art enthralls us because it preserves the wilderness of our minds and inspires a lifetime of searching. We are shocked by beauty and the unknown, the dangerous terrain makes us shrewd. Art fuels a lifetime of endless improvement and imagination.

The boom in the art market brings public interest in art collection, but art has a diametrically opposite role: art helps us reassess what is truly valuable in life. We exhibit art that springs fresh from the lives of young people and vividly immortalizes the moments that we miss in our daily grind. Owning art and displaying them are cheers for a life worth living and as a reminder that the time we have is finite. Bottling stories, delight, escapes and wisdom is one of the most profitable uses of the time that we do have.


Artists and entrepreneurs share a common journey. Living wonderfully inconvenient lifestyles of sleepless nights*, obstacles and ideals, working with extraordinary (and obsessive) passion to make their souls heard and their dreams come true. Our endeavor is simple yet long, we hope to present to you art that makes you simultaneously happy and sad. We want to take the bewilderment and turn them into longing. We hope you will become as fascinated with art as we are.

*An old saying at my alma mater, The Rhode Island School of Design, is “RISD is the Reason I’m Sleep Deprived”.

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Alice Zhang

Alice Zhang

Creative Director at Stew