Autumnal, confident with solitude: Leonor Sanahuja from Madrid

“One of my favorite poets once said, ‘Loneliness is to spread yourself in other people…then you’ll not recognize yourself in them.’”


Leonor Sanahuja grew up in Caracas, Venezuela and currently lives in Madrid, Spain. Get ready for the major “awwness” of Amapola, the sweetest image about gift giving and the virtues of animals. The girls in her work feel autumnal, slightly gothic but always gentle, confident and at peace with their solitude. The descriptions of her drawings are hopeful and meditative, she seems like someone we’d love to have coffee with! We believe art has the unique ability to connect people across the world that have the same ideals and values in life.


Leonor’s drawings are initially done by hand, then vectorized on the computer. She believes the creative process must firstly come from the inside, and not “what one can make with these tools”. Her work has been published in Australia and exhibited throughout Spain and in Caracas.

Some of our favorites:


missmoonlightMiss Moonlight
monsterincageMonster in Cage

Alice Zhang

Alice Zhang

Creative Director at Stew