Bubbling, fantastical and bittersweet worlds by Ville Savimaa from Helsinki

Ville Savimma creates psychedelic, bubbling worlds with whimsical characters and confectionery colors. His dreamy and playful fusion of people, animals and nature show them tinkering with musical instruments and enjoying life’s little pleasures. His quirky personality shows through with funny, bittersweet titles like Traveling without love affair and our favorite, When doves don’t cry (from a Prince song). The oasis of his surreal, candy wonderland puts us in touch with the blithe and carefree parts of ourselves.

Ville is an award-winning Finnish illustrator. He sketches his illustrations by hand then finishes them on the computer. Ville’s work has been featured in Creative Review and Computer Arts magazines and he has exhibited his work in Helsinki, Paris, Berlin and London. Ville is inspired by Tom of Finland, Prince, Animal Collective’s old albums and portraits from the early 1900s. His recent work include projects for high profile clients like Adidas, Disney, Nokia and Sony.

Our favorites:

loveaffairTraveling without love affair

dovesWhen doves don’t cry

normalboysNormal Boys


blackcandy Black candy


justholdingitJust holding it

beforewearriveAn hour before we arrived

EC_ville_CS6Wait, there is someone!

Alice Zhang

Alice Zhang

Creative Director at Stew