Fantastically bright and wickedly fun neon paintings: Haruko Mori from Nagoya, Japan

Haruko Mori’s fantastically bright and wickedly fun fluorescent paintings make our day! Her renderings of African animals and mythical creatures have a youthful charm and a playful naiveté that we all long for. She references animal families in the wild, how they are on the same wavelength as us in terms of protection and companionship, then renders them through an awesome 80′s neon lens. Family is surely one of the greatest wonders of life! We’re seeing 80′s influences everywhere right now, it must be because the 80′s was a decade that changed our future with iconic decisions, endless glamor and skyrocketing innovations that we still live with today.

Haruko was born in the Aichi Prefecture of Japan in 1987 and graduated from the Aichi Prefectural University of Fine Arts and Music in 2012. Her works have been exhibited extensively in Nagoya, she has participated in exhibitions throughout Japan as well as internationally in Germany and Croatia.

“Through the cycle of our lives people often take their loved ones for granted, but I never want to forget how important they are to me and how much I need them. I hope that we always appreciate, respect and love each other.”

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Alice Zhang

Alice Zhang

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