Find art about you!

Art merges hearts and minds. Seeing a piece of art that speaks to you excites the same feelings of awe as an exhilarating hike in the spring, or a late night chat with a childhood friend, an epic rock song, re-connecting you with the world. Now and again you’ll find art that makes you think “That’s me!” Through art you’ll find someone with the same sense of humor, that hidden quirk you’re secretly proud of suddenly feels more magnificent, everything seems mesmerizing and strangely intimate. In an ever frantic world, finding art we love makes us feel more alive, living with art makes us smile in gratitude. Through art you’ll discover someone compelled to quest for the same ideals as you, a powerful ally on a dark night.

Most days we’re fluctuating between boredom and stress, art revives us and makes life fun. Your own thoughts flowing back to you, find art about you:

roomatnightRoom at Night  NEW
by Sarah Schneider from Pittsburgh

hismemoryHis memory is cruel  POPULAR
by Nuria Riaza from Valencia

salonSalon  NEW
by Sarah Schneider from Pittsburgh

RainmanDigiphreniaRainman Digiphrenia  POPULAR
by Dave Van Patten from Long Beach

CristinaredDesprezar Ouro e Diamantes #1  POPULAR
(Discard Gold and Diamonds #1)
by Cristina Troufa from Lisbon

mind500You are not your mind
by Andy Calabozo from Porto

marbling02Marbling 02  POPULAR
by Nuria Riaza from Valencia

unfinishedmelancholyUnfinished Melancholy #3
by Oscar Delmar from Madrid

girlinblue1Untitled (Girl in Blue)
by Jarek Puczel from Olsztyn

skullCheat death live life big  POPULAR
by Max Grunfeld from Hamburg

ontheshore2On the Shore 2 (Gdynia)  POPULAR
by Jarek Puczel from Olsztyn

Alice Zhang

Alice Zhang

Creative Director at Stew