Funny melodies about modern life: Dave Van Patten from Long Beach

Dave Van Patten’s illustrations are curious little acoustic melodies about modern life, with crazy, surreal and children’s storybook qualities. His work revolves around observations on family life, relationships, and life as an artist — all filled with elegant, witty twists on the familiar. We can’t get enough of his hilarious and nonsensical fables like Beer with Bigfoot, Poseidon’s Depression and Depressed Lincoln and the Bicycle Caravan. We also love his more introspective works like End of the World Party, Pink Moon and Vinyl Party. These have an air of shyness and wistfulness, but never cynical, instead they are reflective — a young artist taking time to think about the world and involving the audience in his stories. The coolest part is his ability to sublimate loneliness and fragility, through a light-hand an affectionate eye, transforming them into whimsical and cheerful scenarios. Don’t miss his amusing descriptions, they’re like scenes from sketch comedy!

Dave mixes acrylic paint, paper cut outs, and ink illustration. His work demonstrates visuals ranging from dreamlike absurdism, psychedelic surrealism, childlike storybook simplicity, ethical fables, to disturbingly dark humor. His work is featured on coffeehouse walls, in galleries, on posters and album covers. He has published various comics in Los Angeles based art magazines, and self published a number of graphic novel zines and twisted “children’s books for grown ups.”

Our favorites:

lincolnbicycleDepressed Lincoln and the Bicycle Caravan

stormEnd of the World Party

lincolnnorrisLincoln Vs. Norris

RainmanDigiphreniaRainman Digiphrenia

poseidondepressionPoseidon’s Depression

pinkmoonPink Moon

beerwithbigfootBeer with Bigfoot

thedayitrainedwisdomThe Day it Rained Wisdom

watercolorcrossroadWatercolor Crossroad

vinylpartyVinyl Party

cards movinginMoving In Together

laptopdeathLaptop Death

cardsA Different Look at Cards

Alice Zhang

Alice Zhang

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