Gentle creatures and breezy afternoons: Cristiana Cerretti from Turin

Cristiana Cerretti is an award winning illustrator from Turin, Italy. She’s known for her work in books for children and teens. There’s a sweet whisper, dreamlike quality to all her works. She conjures up quirky and curious little creatures that she called “BÊTES RARES”, they are sweet and whimsical, with their candy colors and slightly mischievous faces. We also enjoy the aura of calm that breathes from her soft, delicate drawings like listening to the day and floating on air… with images of contemplation and breezy spring afternoons lying on the grass.

Cristiana graduated from the European Institute of Design in Rome. She has illustrated for over 40 books. She is a professor at the Academy of Arts and New Technologies, Rome.

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littledragonLITTLE DRAGON

beterares2BÊTES RARES 3



listeninglistening to the day…

thetreehouse600The treehouse


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