How we’re different, Hong Kong & other FAQs

We’ve gathered some of our recent questions from artists, collector members and press interviews and rounded them up in this little FAQ session! Here we go…

What are the advantages of being in Hong Kong?

From Hollywood Blockbusters to international headlines, it seems there’s an endless spotlight on Hong Kong! Hong Kong is a fast paced, multicultural metropolis. It is a welcoming entrance to a really big house: China. It is a city based on efficiency — that’s why businesses thrive here. Hong Kong is a place where finance and culture intersect.

While other online art platforms are regional — like North American artists selling to North American collectors — we are truly global. Both artists and collectors have an eager curiosity about Hong Kong, we are the connection terminal for artists and art enthusiasts across continents (see a map infographic about our artists and collectors here).

marcoprint(Above: The End of the World by Marco Toxico from La Paz, Bolivia, Large — right before send off — on the rooftop of our gallery, with the Hong Kong skyline in the background)

How are you different from other print selling websites?

Websites offering art prints are pretty standard — everyone uses the same printing technology and similar price range, it’s all down to the branding! Our niche is art that’s witty, a bit odd and whimsical, with strong graphical details. Art with social commentary that captures the nuances of our generation.

You keep saying “witty art” what exactly do you mean?

It’s in the tone. We mean artworks that deal with serious, philosophical or emotional subjects in amusing and ironically lighthearted ways. We find that young artists seize this ardently — perhaps it’s because they are on the front-lines of constant and rapid technological change. You’d be surprised at how wise young artists can be! Their thoughts are alluring. We love art that contains incisive criticism about how we live today, at the same time art that brings audiences an immediate sense of youthful vitality and hope. As “art lovers”, these are the artworks we’d love to take home, take in, and reenact in our daily lives!

cheatdeathstudio1(Above: Cheat Death Live Life Big by Max Grunfeld from Hamburg, Medium — freshly printed and ready for sendoff)

Do you think the value of a print and the value of an original painting is the same?

We think most of the charm and allure — say 95% — of a piece of art can be picked up from a print. The huge prices fetched by some works of art are entirely irrelevant to their human value. Plus many of the artworks on Stew are digital! Which means there isn’t “an original”, what you take home is an enlightened piece of mind of a fellow human being. Owning a piece of art is like owning a visual symbol of hope, a token of life. It is there when you most need them the most, whichever emotion you are thirsty for: whether it be laughter, calm, adventure or courage.

That’s all for now! Got more questions? Email us.

Alice Zhang

Alice Zhang

Creative Director at Stew