Ingenious labyrinths and quick-witted comics: Marc M. Gustà from Barcelona

Marc M. Gustà’s labyrinths are like slapstick comedy in illustration form…injected with genuine and wise tips on life! Help Fred To Find An Idea is about finding our way through a spectacular mental landscape in order to come up with new ideas — a wonderful metaphor for the fascinating sensation! Other puzzles are full of whimsical details like quick-witted art history references, scythe-carrying birds patrolling the park, and fire spitting mega-sized desert iguanas! Planted across his wacky labyrinths are boosts of morale to inspire and to help you get through challenging situations. Put your finger on the mark and get going! Perfect fun, especially in Large and X-Large print sizes.

Marc is based in Barcelona, a lively and noteworthy character in the comic art scene. His comics and illustrations have been published throughout Spain.

Our favorites:

waterHelp Fred to Find Water
“This labyrinth is about getting water in a desert of alcohol and antichrists, you must see the clues and be careful with the hot weather.”

ideaHelp Fred to Find an Idea
“This Labyrinth is about getting an idea, a travel inside the mind to find the beautiful and light idea for you, of course there are scams and dead ends. Enjoy.”

masterpiece1Help Fred to Make a Masterpiece
“This labyrinth is about making a piece of art, you need technical skills, wisdom, patience and something inexplicable. Be careful with the great artists: they are so big, you must know them and study them.”


helllabyrinth1Hell Labyrinth
“This labyrinth is about hell, you can visit the “infierno” and see the barbarities, take care not to fall into any of them.”

jogginHelp Fred to Finish Jogging
“This labyrinth about having fun with a girl and paying the consequences, but is not so hard, just climb the park and follow the right path without distractions.”

Alice Zhang

Alice Zhang

Creative Director at Stew