It all starts with a daydream.


dreamerframe610Man in his bubble. Dreamer by Jarek Puczel

A daydream is more than just evasion. Early 20th Century writer James Allen wrote about the importance of solitary thought, tranquility and dreams. He emphasized that a man is literally what he thinks, his character being the complete sum of all his thoughts. Our thoughts shape our environment (“Environment, is but our looking glass”). Daydreams are crucial to vision planning. A vision can become a reality, the threshold to future decisions.


As our lives become ever more turbulent, art is your best instrument to building a calmer world. Art encourages constructive daydreams.

For the daydreamers and night thinkers, more artworks in this vein:

framepinkmoonPink Moon
by Dave Van Patten

framehermemoryiscruelHer Memory is Cruel
by Nuria Riaza

frameperfum2Perfume II
by Dan Des Eynon

framemoonboywhaleMoon, Boy & The Whale
by Martynas Pavilonis

frameouterspaceOuter Space
by Max Grunfeld

by Alba Blázquez


Alice Zhang

Alice Zhang

Creative Director at Stew