Let’s just wing it! Be more spontaneous with art.

No matter how many plans you make or how much in control you are, life is always winging it. Sometimes, plans are invitations to disappointment. How often is happiness destroyed by preparation, over-analyzing, Googling and hashtagging? Art, on the other hand, is created from wonderful bits of outburst. Art helps brings back some of the spontaneity that we’ve lost after a decades of technological change. Living spontaneously means having the confidence to respond to any outcome. Art reminds us to live more eccentrically, adventurously and spontaneously.

The most thrilling things are done on impulse.

framecheatdeathlivelifebigCheat death live life big  POPULAR
by Max Grunfeld from Hamburg

framethedeepThe Deep
by Andy Calabozo from Porto

framevirtuallaserVirtual laser in a virtual space
by Marko Turunen from Helsinki

frameouterspaceOuter Space  POPULAR
by Max Grunfeld from Hamburg

framecominghome1Coming Home
by Martynas Pavilonis from Vilnius

frameflymetothemoonFly me to the Moon
by Emily Lau from Hong Kong

by Paul Loubet from Buenos Aires

framethemagictrickThe Magic Trick
by Andy Calabozo from Porto

framepinkplanetPink Planet
by Sasha Baranovskaya from Omsk


Alice Zhang

Alice Zhang

Creative Director at Stew