Mind-boggling thrills: Graphic artist Marco Tóxico from La Paz, Bolivia

Marco Antonio Guzman Rocabado aka Marco Tóxico is an artist, illustrator and comic whiz from La Paz, Bolivia. Psychedelic babies and a two headed boy with raptor arms, Marco’s works have our minds racing and our eyes balls bulging! Taking cues from comic books, his bold characters are set in hallucinatory environments. A second look exposes a hilarious critique of the everyday affairs and issues that dominate our generation, poking fun at ourselves.

Marco’s works contain three of our favorite characteristics for memorable art: social commentary, wit and humor. Always done in jest, with an aura of sincerity, these illustrations reference the brainwashing and bewitching media, the infiltration of pop culture, and hint at corruption in both politics and in human nature. Marco exhibits a grotesquerie of characters that are satirical and playful, funny yet thoughtful. The scenarios he sets up are synonymous with the affairs of the individual, in the vein of everyday life, mind-blowing and entertaining.

Endless thrills:

evilunderthesun1Evil Under the Sun

doomThe End of the World

witchcraftBRUJERIA (Witchcraft)


donkeyhell1INFIERNO BURRACO 1 (Donkey Hell 1)

donkeyhell2INFIERNO BURRACO 2 (Donkey Hell 2)

donkeyhell3INFIERNO BURRACO 3 (Donkey Hell 3)

donkeyhell4INFIERNO BURRACO 4 (Donkey Hell 4)

Alice Zhang

Alice Zhang

Creative Director at Stew