Moments of beauty in everyday life

Depictions of people engaged in everyday activities was an outstanding Dutch phenomenon in the 17th-century. Masters like Johannes Vermeer immortalized every day people engaged in domestic activities in quiet surroundings. These paintings conjure an unforgettable mix of ordinariness and mystique. Today, young artists capture the temperament and nuances of our era. Art about every day life opens our eyes to facets of the world that we otherwise miss. We love them because we see ourselves in them. Art eloquently brings out the value of beauty we’ve grown blind to.

What a is a good life? We think, a life of balance and wonder. Art can help rebalance our lives, injecting us with doses of what’s missing from our daily toils: calm, clarity, energy. Art magnifies our vision to focus on the intricacies, imperfection and oddities of life, it enriches our sense of possibility, recovering our sense of wonder.

Moments of beauty that seem small but are timeless:


couple1Couple I by Julita Malinowska

birdsAn Illustrated Guide to British Birds by Chrysa Koukoura

lovers1Lovers (1) by Jarek Puczel

garden1Garden(2012) by Haruko Mori

coffee1Coffee Time by Emily Lau

tigerbellsleahTigerbells by Leah Clough

drpepperDr Pepper by Anita Goldstein

seesawGirl on a Seesaw by Jarek Puczel

musicianMusician by Cristiana Cerretti

catladyCat Lady by Gel Jamlang

girlsbeachGirls by Julita Malinowska

housesLindos by Chrysa Koukoura

Alice Zhang

Alice Zhang

Creative Director at Stew