Muscle-up and push forward! Jelena Neskovic from Belgrade, your mid-week energy boost.

It’s time for your mid-week energy boost! Jelena Neskovic’s blend of sacred geometry, Christian iconography, Indian art, archetypes and tattoos result in stunning and distinct idioms about the state of our world. These bad-ass and spellbinding images sit midway between rebel and reason. The philosophical nuances address the perplexing issues thatĀ Millennials face and our longing for unity and hope, plus the strength and spirit to persevere. Reminiscent of traditional folk designs, tattoo art and tapestries, her prints are a sure way to make you muscle-up and push forward! Use our zoom in tool to see the gorgeous details of the patterns and her whirlwind of wild animals.

Jelena is a young artist from Belgrade, Serbia. She graduated from the Faculty Of Applied Arts at the University of Arts in Belgrade in 2012. The original works are meticulously done by hand, using a combination of acrylics, water colors, markers and fine liners. The precise, graphical qualities and neon colors translate into fantastic prints, especially in Large sizes. She has exhibited throughout her region and is a recipient of several national level awards.

A little rebellion now and then is a good thing:

bubblytemptationsBubbly Temptations

chariotsoffireChariots of fire

thesourceThe Source

finalcutFinal Cut



risingofthesecondsunRising of the second sun


Alice Zhang

Alice Zhang

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