Nostalgia and Retrofuturism: Let’s do the time warp again!

Nostalgia is an ambivalent mix of emotions: fondly remembering the past and confronting a time that’s gone and unattainable. From Instagram filters to vinyl records to Sylvester Stallone as a reboot — we can’t get enough of it! The feeling of nostalgia reminds us of the hallmark of youth, a testimony to our adventures, a time when we took our imaginations to the ultimate limit…just for the fun of it!

Retrofuturism is looking back to see how yesterday viewed tomorrow, Javier Puyou celebrates (and parodies) the stories past generations told about the crazy world of tomorrow. His wildly witty super cars and jet-packs commemorates a time when our grandfathers obsessed over innovation, remembering golden tomorrows that never came to pass. In contemporary culture, no decade is as iconic as the 80′s! We love the work of Gavin Dias, inspired by the action thriller movies of 1980′s. We can hear the synth music in the background, with 3am neon lights and the adrenaline rush of a car chase. Awesome! Paul Loubet examines pop culture through a sci-fi geek lens. His work is a throwback to 1990′s video games and the epic bygone comic book era. His enthusiasm is infectious and makes you surrender to your inner teen.

Cyborgs! Lasers! Cosmic Odyssey! A million lights!


time1Time by Gavin Dias from London

“Living the fast life! A 1980′s movie inspired image.”


californiadreamingCalifornia Dreaming 2099 by Javier Puyou from Mexico City

“Beach, sun, stylish, good music, good chicks and all the style of the 70′s. Or 50′s? Wait, it’s the future in there!”


cosmosinfectionCosmos Infection by Paul Loubet from Buenos Aires

“Do you remember Starship Trooper?”


theworldisThe world is ending and I don’t have my male by Javier Puyou from Mexico City

“The end of the world inspired by Noah’s arc and retro-futuristic vision. The woman took a couple of each animal on earth for their conservation, but she didn’t bring any male human for her.”


tigertiger.1Tiger & Tiger by Gavin Dias from London

“A woman relaxing with her pet Tiger in a flamboyant and picturesque garden.”


paulloubet1A New World by Paul Loubet from Buenos Aires

“If you cross the gate, you will never come back.”


Alice Zhang

Alice Zhang

Creative Director at Stew