On life, joy and solitude.

Talent is nurtured in solitude. Every kind of creative work demands isolation. Art thrives in the lonely hours. Solitude brings out the most kooky, thrilling, and richly faceted interior worlds inside us. Being alone helps us see the unfamiliar beauty and appreciate the spontaneous joys that are usually lost in the roar. These artworks remind us to stay with our solitude for awhile, they make us want to run up a hill by ourselves, to daydream, unwind and refresh. Be alone, that’s when ideas flow.

Cheers to solitude!

timetogetweirdNEW  Bad Habits
by Alba Blázquez from Madrid

badhabitsNEW  Bad Habits
by Alba Blázquez from Madrid

goaway400Go Away
by KYU from Seoul

roomatnightRoom at Night
by Sarah Schneider from Pittsburgh

onceuponatimeNEW  Once up on a time
by Alba Blázquez from Madrid

afterparty_chocolateblueAfterparty (Chocolate on Blue)
by Lori Larusso from Lexington

by Sasha Baranovskaya from Omsk

aboutyouIt’s Always about You
by Anita Goldstein from Cambridge

cups.2On the Edge
By Emily Lau from Hong Kong

catladyCat Lady
by Gel Jamlang from Baltimore

Alice Zhang

Alice Zhang

Creative Director at Stew