Sky gazing and rain jostling with KYU from Seoul.

KYU is a young artist based in Seoul, Korea. His paintings contain short and sweet snippets of humor and wisdom about the familiar anxieties of modern life. They capture the nuances and habits of our generation, like sky gazing, rain jostling, spontaneous wandering and practicing how to be alone with one’s thoughts. The tree stumps waving is so cute it hurts! The most aww-inducing image is Tree Whale — aren’t we all slightly suffering? Another favorite is Go Away, an elegant piece which reminds us that having our head in the clouds is not a bad thing, we’re likely to come out of there recharged and laden with inspiration!

KYU (Kyu Hwang) was born in Seoul in 1980, but spent most of his life abroad traveling between England, Germany, Hungary, Canada, and Korea. He graduated from Emily Carr University of Art and Design, Vancouver in 2008. His artworks are regularly exhibited throughout South Korea and in Canada. Having moved around a lot, KYU has mastered the art of spending quality alone time, watching clouds roll by, and getting lost in his thoughts. This experience feeds his work.

Life would be better if it rained in colors! Get your daily dose of witty and whimsical:


treewhaleTree Whale

goaway400Go Away

treestumps600Tree Stumps

fucktree400Fuc_ Tree

blackcloud400Black Cloud

Alice Zhang

Alice Zhang

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