Snowdrifts, Loyal creatures, Silver moonlight: Martynas Pavilonis from Lithuania

Art by Martynas Pavilonis summons the child deep inside us. We can all identify with the longing for deep breaths in the forest, sugary snowdrifts and loyal woodland creatures — the forest is astonishing, there is always mystery unfolding. His artworks are from the heart, renewing and purifying, mulled in melancholy, a young artist who thinks all night about the dilemmas of solitude, coming home, the end of missing someone. Keep these artworks close before you drift deep into the night. His art gets you excited about your own dreams.

Martynas Pavilonis studied graphic design and now is an artist, illustrator based in Vilnius, Lithuania.

“People say that my work is kinda dark and lonely, but cozy and hopeful at the same time. My main inspiration is my dreams and places (physically and emotionally) I’ve been. I love the night and forests, the combination of these two excites me.”

A beautiful nook of forest scenery is the perfect remedy for a turbulent day in the city.

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frameIheartwinterI ♥ Winter  NEW

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framemissyouMiss You  NEW

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Alice Zhang

Alice Zhang

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