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Even in an age of broadband internet and far-flung travel, we don’t really know what life is like around the world, we have become “globalized provincials”. We think art can give authentic snippets of life in places that you’ve only seen in wallpapers and on Wikipedia. Did you know of the fantastic underground comic book art scene in Bolivia? Have you seen the introspective and sophisticated paintings from Poland? What about the playful and sensual illustrations coming out of Indonesia?

Our most satisfying role is to promote the discovery of art and community in unexpected regions around the world. We believe art has the unique ability to connect two people across the globe that have the same ideals and values in life.

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ketsuma1Flossy Vampire
by Kei Kesuma from Surabaya, Indonesia

by Jarek Puczel from Olsztyn, Poland

evilEvil Under the Sun
by Marco Tóxico from La Paz, Bolivia

cupcake.1Oh so delicious
by Ann-Kathrin Nikolov from Cologne, Germany

by Andrea Hrnjak from Vienna, Austria

micheleEscape to Reality
by Michele Guidarini from Grosseto, Italy

garouseSharp-tailed Grouse
by Susan Rotondo from Redmond, USA

bike.1Corro, vuelo, me acelero
by Javier Puyou from Mexico City, Mexico

by Leah Clough from Hong Kong, China

by Haruko Mori from Nagoya, Japan

circularmountainCircular Mountainscape
by Chrysa Koukoura from Melbourne, Australia

tigertiger.1Tiger & Tiger
by Gavin Dias from London, UK

dreamsWaking Up
by Jennifer Parks from Vancouver, Canada

Alice Zhang

Alice Zhang

Creative Director at Stew