Help yourself to some cake! The Afterparty by Lori Larusso

The thick and delectable Afterparty paintings by Lori Larusso hint at the stories behind them and the still moment after the guests have gone. Incredibly cute and whimsical but slightly sad that the party is over. The colors are carefully considered, and reminiscent of vintage 1950′s food advertisements. On a deeper note, these works contain quietly sophisticated social commentary on our irresistible urge for sweet things, our culture of excess and expectations of the perfect domestic life. Her work questions our everyday search for meaning and fulfillment, as well as common struggle for validation and happiness. These inviting paintings seem to whisper “Help yourself” to the viewer, a therapeutic distraction from a complicated world, at the same time they serve as a reminder that some things are not what they seem. From Lori’s statement:

“These paintings isolate the cake image, sometimes including serving utensils but no personalized information, making the specialness of an individual’s own birthday cake mainstreamed. The cakes appear to be carefully prepared and decorated; everything is nice, but not too nice.”


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