Screening Room: Indelible Encounters, art by Anna Di Mezza

Anna Di Mezza creates wonderfully cinematic images with a surrealist twist. Her art is a collage-like arrangement of chance encounters, Old Hollywood lovers and anachronistic retellings of history. These images are surprisingly comforting in its randomness, at the same time strangely sensual. Intriguing gestures, mysterious rocky mountains and whimsical crystals are her reoccurring markers, where elusive truths are waiting to be deciphered. We see her art as screening rooms for life: unpredictable, funny, dramatic and fleeting. They gives us a chance to skip back, in order to find meaning, melody and eternity within moments.

In her own words: “Surrealism, Stanley Kubrick, David Lynch, Boards of Canada and ‘The Twilight Zone’ are amongst the many influences in my work. The paintings invite the viewer to make up the plot in their own mind as if the images were taken from a frame from a surreal film.” (more…)

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