Nightmarish and cute: Dark and delicious is the perfect combo!

Sometimes the creepiest things aren’t malevolent or grotesque, but cute and sweet. In the case with these artists, a bad dream doesn’t scare them, it inspires them instead! Once life shows us its dark side, we appreciate the cute and whimsical more, recognizing the darkness reminds us that our lives are not that bad. Jennifer Park‘s nightmare forest is the perfect mix of creepy and cute! Vladimir Stankovic lives in Odense, Denmark, the hometown of Hans Christian Andersen, no wonder his creations are fantastically dark and delicious! Emily Lau always charms us with her weird and wonderful characters. Nightmares and little horrors are a shared human experience and represent an honest part of ourselves. Next time you’re haunted by a dream know that someone on the other side of the world is having one quite similar to yours, and they’re super cute about it!


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