Fantastic objects that blend past and future: art by Nico Sara

New art by Nico Sara blends the handmade past and machine-made future. They recall the curves and pop colors of mid-century furniture and product designs, they feel tactile and warm. At the same time these glazed and enhanced objects morph into a fully automated era when fantastic objects can be instantly manufactured — they’re cool, quirky and pure to a point of irony. These wide-reaching and iconic urban objects make the everyday feel special. Nico believes the manual process of meticulously painting them by hand brings a human dimension that transforms these artworks into the props of life. In his own words:

My work plays in the limit between craftsmanship and technology. The images I use are composed appealing to photography and computers, which are later rendered on the canvas painting them by hand with brushes, in an effort to rescue the craft work and at the same time showing that is possible to get close to the quality of something produced serially by technologic processes.


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