People like you, who delight in solitude.

We’re the first generation lacking solitude but doing solitary tasks on screens. We’re always mediating between loneliness and the urge for solitude. Martynas Pavilonis from Lithuania articulates the delight of solitude in the sweetest way possible! Let them say what they will about “leaving the comfort zone”, sometimes we just want to recharge in a familiar place. Artworks on solitude reminds us to invest time in ourselves and to ask “How am I doing?” once in a while. When the world becomes a hard place to blend in, you’ll find an artist that shares your secret from afar.

“I hold this to be the highest task of a bond between two people: that each should stand guard over the solitude of the other.” — Rainer Maria Rilke


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On life, joy and solitude.

Talent is nurtured in solitude. Every kind of creative work demands isolation. Art thrives in the lonely hours. Solitude brings out the most kooky, thrilling, and richly faceted interior worlds inside us. Being alone helps us see the unfamiliar beauty and appreciate the spontaneous joys that are usually lost in the roar. These artworks remind us to stay with our solitude for awhile, they make us want to run up a hill by ourselves, to daydream, unwind and refresh. Be alone, that’s when ideas flow.

Cheers to solitude!


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Asia highlight! Art from Hong Kong, Japan, Indonesia and more.

Beat the post-holiday blues with art from Asia! January is a month for introspection. Stew features artworks that are anxiety reducing, calming, wise, and emboldening. We love young artists who are obsessed with the big questions with an upbeat attitude. Their works put us back in touch with the most important ideas and essential emotions: maintaining a sense of stability in an increasingly wild world, venturing into solitary nights, staying curious forever, and being fearless in love.

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