Thrill and sweetness, art about love by Jarek Puczel.

ontheshoreNewsletterSuddenly seventeen again.

The most romantic artworks are by Jarek Puczel. No two people’s love is the same, yet art by Jarek captures the shared chemistries we all feel. Fluid and fluttering, like music; a fusion of craving and vision, like the sunset in a cup.

BelovedNewsletterI’ll always carry you around in my heart.

These are visual affirmations on thrill and sweetness. How riddles are solved and hearts are won. All of Jarek’s artworks are immensely poetic and peaceful.

lovers1newsletterEvery inch of your skin is poetry. 

Love is the most intensely thought about thing in all of human history. The fact that we still can’t fully define it means we’re still discovering it, we’re still in the middle of the adventure.


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Love is always in beta.

lovers1blogFreshly printed: Lovers (1) by Jarek Puczel in Postcard and Large

We all know that on-screen, hyperbolized notions of love are not real life. But we still absorb some of how we feel through art: novels, songs, films, mediated versions of reality. Our collection of art depicts realistic, sincere impressions of love: nuanced, anxious, specific. Collect art that captures the poetry of an embrace: when molecules in the air turn into skin and fills the room, and the wistful: what it’s like when the person you love is your destination. Browse art that reminds us: love doesn’t just happen, it must be maintained, love is always in beta. Art turns the dust of everyday life into colorful, refined compositions, they’re insightful and cathartic. (more…)

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