The essence of all animals, quietly philosophical: Oscar Delmar from Madrid

Oscar Delmar’s Animal in Me series capture the intrinsic reactions, emotions and fears that are evident in all of us. The mashups of human and animal are funny and moving at the same time, while the awkward poses stretches our sympathies and remind us of ourselves. There’s nothing like a lighthearted jab at what it means to be human. Oscar is a young philosopher, his works engages with our emotions and knocks on our souls: we’re regularly anxious about the future, other times egocentric, and often lonely. Our favorite parts are the captivating eyes and brilliant facial expressions!

“We have an animal origin, still present, seen in gestures and innate movements. But our intelligence, our individual consciousness awareness of our mortality makes us question even our own existence.”

Oscar was born in the Canary Islands. He graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Barcelona. His work has been exhibited throughout Spain, UK and South Africa.

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Alice Zhang

Alice Zhang

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