The ingénue by Kei Kusuma from Surabaya, Indonesia

These cool and Bambi-eyed girls by young illustrator Kei Kesuma has us all flushed! Underneath the leathery eyelashes, the girls exude confidence and self assurance with their piercing stares and polished poses. They are a strange mix of 1920′s sophisticat and wildling, their icy glare is a peculiar (and perfect!) blend of ethereal and murdery — evocative of the doomed love stories we seem to be so hooked on! Charm is delicate and fragile with just the right amount of hazard that drives you mad.

Ketut Kusuma (Kei) was born in 1990. Having a huge interest in visual artistry, he has studied drawing and image making since a very early age. What started as instinct, he has continued his endless endeavor and art practice. He has exhibited his works internationally at age 19. Kei is based in Surabaya, Indonesia.

Crazy, sexy, cool! Our favorites:

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Alice Zhang

Alice Zhang

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