The true purpose of fantasy.

Francisco Goya’s The Sleep of Reason Produces Monsters is one of the most spectacular prints from the birth of the modern world. It belongs to a series of works sharply critiquing the ills of Spanish society at the start of the Enlightenment. As with its historical counterparts, today’s fantastic art is allegorical, rooted in everyday life, united with reason and injected with comic byplay. Taking a step away from reality, art helps prepare us to tackle harsh and complex situations with a clearer perspective.

Art and fantasy are also the cornerstones of creativity. The imaginary came naturally to us as children, it was a way for us to fill in the gaps to understand the world. As adults we learn to self edit, we become embarrassed and sensitive to the opinions of our peers, we start to hide our wild ideas. Having fantastic artworks in the workplace is the foundation for building an environment where creative risks are welcome. Whether you’re starting a company or enhancing your work space, it’s another way to say: Just go for it!

Fantastical universes within universes:

frameanewworldA New World
by Paul Loubet from Buenos Aires

by Emily Lau from Hong Kong

frameproventheoryProven theory nÂș12
by Andy Calabozo from Porto

frameEncuentrosEncuentros de Quinta Fase
by Rodrigo Simancas from Mexico City

framepinkplanetPink Planet
by Sasha Baranovskaya from Omsk

framefungi2Fungi II
by Vladimir Stankovic from Odense

framethenightThe Night
by Emily Lau from Hong Kong

framewhendovesdontcryWhen doves don’t cry
by Ville Savimaa from Helsinki

framethemagictrickThe Magic Trick
by Andy Calabozo from Porto






Alice Zhang

Alice Zhang

Creative Director at Stew