The tonic of wildness: New works by Andrea Hrnjak from Vienna

Andrea Hrnjak’s work reminds us that wildness is a necessity — the most alive is the wildest. With a delicate use of color and whisper light hand, her genuine love for animals shows through. These drawings point out that we are all nerve-shaken, tired, status-anxious people longing for crisp, moonlit nights, craving for the ruffling sound of mountains in the morning. The girls in her images have the most alluring and spellbinding stares, they are always modestly posed, allied with the animals. City-life locks us in our own rhythm, we forget that life exists outside the dial. Wildness corrects this pressure, it is fundamental, as long as the wild exists we would feel awe, wonder and beauty.

Croatia born, Vienna based artist and illustrator Andrea Hrnjak holds a Master’s Degree in Fashion Design from the University of Applied Arts Vienna. Read more about Andrea here.

Gorgeous new works from Andrea:


arcticsunriseArctic Sunrise

unknownworldUnknown World

mysticmoonlightMystic Moonlight

mountainhazeMountain Haze

Alice Zhang

Alice Zhang

Creative Director at Stew