Vibrant, trippy, with a cheeky grin: Rodrigo Simancas from Mexico City

Rodrigo Simancas confirms our fascination with the vibrant illustration and indie comic book art scene from South America! It’s the combination of goofiness, social awareness and charisma that is so moving. A youthful magnetism sweeps across his work, with a cheeky grin and clear grasp of the elements and conflicts that define our generation. His works contain honest concerns with politics, price wars and surviving the dysfunctional relationships we have with our cities, all done with a sense of humor. Art like this are today’s energy panels and inspire young minds towards potential for how we will one day be.


Rodrigo Simancas Mercado was born in 1987, his art revolves around the conflicts of human interaction and symbolic landscapes that surround it. He studied Development and Intercultural Management at the National Autonomous University of Mexico. An an active member of Mexico City’s DIY self-publishing scene, he has authored dozens of fanzines. Since 2011 they have collectively been exhibited and published in Mexico, USA, England and Canada. He co-founded and organizes “Zin Amigos”, an annual zine and comic fair, and recently had his first solo exhibition in Mexico City.

Our favorites:

rodrigo2maybe after we understand

rodrigo3ChambelĂș Codex

rodrigo4Entonces No Se Puede

rodrigo1Encuentros de Quinta Fase


Alice Zhang

Alice Zhang

Creative Director at Stew