A voyage into the mind, bizarre and whimsical worlds by Andy Calabozo

Andy Calabozo creates images that are roller coaster rides with layers of complex characters and twists and turns about life’s absurdities. Bizarre and whimsical is the best kind of cute! The Deep is a fascinating metaphor for the deepest state of consciousness: a voyage to an unknown basin floor with otherworldly coral, funky fauna, and other wiggly creatures endemic to an extraordinarily busy mind. The science of a fetish is a parody and summary of our vices, adorable and grotesque at the same time. Andy’s work reminds us that life is chaotic, but instead of fretting it and calculating each statistic, it’s important to see the possibilities (and funny faces) in the knots, and to experience all the thrills of a complex, turbulent world.

Andy was born in Caracas, Venezuela, and is now based in Portugal. Andy likes bizarre stuff, anything that has to do with the occult, deformed figures, voluptuous shapes, to explore patterns and textures, surreal landscapes, organic elements and all early 1900’s illustrations.

Life’s crazy, you should have these hanging on your walls:

mind500You are not your mind

deep500The Deep

magic500The magic trick

apocalypse500Apocalypse days

fetish500The science of a fetish

topekaIt’s hot in Topeka

theoryProven theory nº12


Alice Zhang

Alice Zhang

Creative Director at Stew