What animates you?

We all get cranky, worried and depleted from the unconscious competitions of daily life…but we don’t have to dwell on it! Being in the presence of art instantly perks you up. We feel uplifted in the presence of beautiful, cerebral, human things. Art reminds us to be more resilient, humble, compassionate. Browse art that’s quirky and high spirited to restore and re-energize. Art connects us intellectually and even more importantly, intuitively.

Uplifting artworks that give you energy, find what animates you:

framegalaxywandererGalaxy Wanderer
by Andrea Hrnjak from Vienna

framedowhatyoudobestDo what you do best
by Anita Goldstein from Cambridge

by Alba Blázquez from Madrid

frameboysahoyBoys, Ahoy!
by Rory Midhani from Berlin

frameillcarryyouI’ll Carry You
by Max Grunfeld from Hamburg

framehelpfredfindanideaHELP FRED TO FIND AN IDEA
by Marc M. Gustà from Barcelona

framejustholdingitJust holding it
by Ville Savimaa from Helsinki

frameunfinishedhumanityUnfinished Humanity
by Oscar Delmar from Madrid

by Haruko Mori from Nagoya

Alice Zhang

Alice Zhang

Creative Director at Stew