What’s missing? Art as tuning forks for what’s lacking in our lives

All of us are a little unbalanced: too busy, too serious, too passive, not enough spontaneity. Art can function as a tuning forks to rebalance what’s missing in our lives. Artworks are missing ingredients for our psychological aspirations and ideals. Each of us are drawn and moved by different artworks because we’re each lacking in different qualities and emotions. Art lets us see and feel little pieces of perfection that are slightly beyond our reach.

You may be searching for an oasis from the noise, a break from the racketeering city life. Artworks by Jarek Puczel bring clarity. With a hushed tone and carefully chosen color palette, his compositions are thoughtfully simplified to depict the essential moments in life.

Most of us are way to serious, way too often (you’re guilty of it too), we turn everyday situations into problems, constantly complaining and worrying…it’s time to lighten up! Odd and whimsical artworks by Javier Puyou, Paul Loubet, Emily Lau, and Tim Furey are wonderfully witty, playful and endlessly funny. Their musings about the future and the stars are reminders of how incredibly little we know about the universe and that we only know a fraction of a fraction of what life is all about. Life itself is a crazy, amazing, psychedelic trip — the most bizarre thing ever!

Too much time in the city? Tough but delicately drawn images of ethereal girls and wild animals by Andrea Hrnjak conjures up feelings of liberty, youth and impulse. She inspires us to learn the courage and devotion of animals, at the same time her work reminds us that it’s important to let a little bit of wildness happen.

Stop, go, left right, you may feel there’s not enough spontaneity in your daily routine. In that case, art by Max Grunfeld is the perfect supplement to bringing out the extraordinary in the everyday. Her works have a quirky and daydreamy charm. She points out the delightful, funny circumstances and poetic little scenarios in everyday life.

Each of us crave for a different kind of aesthetic. We hope you’ll find what’s missing in you so you can tweak and fine tune your life.

Artists and artworks mentioned:

lovers2.1Lovers (2) by Jarek Puczel from Olsztyn

redheadRedhead by Jarek Puczel from Olsztyn

californiadreamingCalifornia Dreaming 2099 by Javier Puyou from Mexico City

paulloubet1A new world by Paul Loubet from Buenos Aires

alienKidnapping by Emily Lau from Hong Kong

wegotbeefWe got beef by Tim Furey from Mullica Hill

shadowskeeperShadows Keeper by Andrea Hrnjak from Vienna

skullCheat death live life big by Max Grunfeld from Hamburg

Alice Zhang

Alice Zhang

Creative Director at Stew