Witty is seductive, Intelligence is beautiful

Experts and Leonardo da Vinci enthusiasts think the lesser-known The Lady with the Ermine is undoubtedly more beautiful than the most famous painting in the world, The Mona Lisa. In The Lady with the Ermine da Vinci catches the psychology of his young sitter. She is smart, the quick turn of her body shows that she is alert, her eyes sparkle with vivacity. Intelligence is the apex of beauty since time immemorial.

Satire, humor and curiosity are some favorite techniques used by today’s young artists. These works are not only extremely entertaining but they also advocate intelligence, cooked with great artistry, filled with symbols and little secrets of every day life in urban environments. Audiences in the digital era frequently ask, What should art do? We think art should help us to become wiser. Art can help us re-see the world and lead us towards meaningful truths.

Art acknowledges the frustrations of our generation and edges us toward how the world might one day be. As poetic as they are realistic, as sweet as they are shocking, art that’s witty seduces the audience to knowledge.


Emblems of wit and curiosity:

deerhipsterDeerest hipster
by Anita Goldstein

by Jarek Puczel

findwaterHelp Fred to find Water
by Marc M. Gustà

by Max Grunfeld

unfinishedhumanityUnfinished humanity
by Oscar Delmar

dogsSidecar perra
by Javier Puyou

by Martine Frossard

masterpieceHelp Fred to make a Masterpiece
by Marc M. Gustà

cups.2On the Edge
by Emily Lau

brujeriaBrujeria (Witchcraft)
by Marco Tóxico


Alice Zhang

Alice Zhang

Creative Director at Stew