Spectacular South America: artists from Venezuela, Bolivia, Argentina and more!

Get a mid-week power up with art from South America! The exuberant array of characters, electric colors and surreal elements summarizes the most iconic imagery of our generation. The undoubtedly exciting comic book art scene from this region pinpoints the values and concerns of life in 2015. It is as though these artists were born with an instinctive sense of humor, endearing geeky tendencies and natural wit. On a more serious note, the artworks act as bridges between continents, they pinpoint the universal power struggles, inequalities, vulnerabilities and human predicaments that we all face.

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The Uncanny Sweetness of a Fleeting Moment: Sarah Schneider from Pittsburgh

Once in a while we find art that hits a main vein of our generation. Sarah Schneider captures a sense of melancholic sweetness, nostalgia and uneasy silence — all at the same time. Her unpeopled interior scenes are a break in time, a late night moment of insight, after a day alone, into the mysterious unity of everything. They remind us how uncanny, intriguing and precarious our lives are, then there is a slight sadness in realizing that these moments of insight are fleeting, as we’re required to be back on the horse the next day. Her work bottles up these short-lived disjunctures in time.

Sarah Schneider examines themes like memory, isolation, ‘wonder of the ordinary’, silence, materialism and decay. Her images are a tender counterbalance to our overconsumption of media, glamor and our egoistic obsessions. In her own words:

“The images I create usually begin with something found — a place (church basement, gas station restroom, a friend’s bedroom), an object (a torn shirt, junk mail, a jar of peanut butter), or a preexisting image (a thrift store photograph, an advertisement from a 1960s LIFE magazine). Through a process of narrative building and free association, I create composite images from the things I find. With a devotion to the observational, I create work to celebrate, or simply to cope with, a world of melancholic absurdity, before it slips away.”


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Find art about you!

Art merges hearts and minds. Seeing a piece of art that speaks to you excites the same feelings of awe as an exhilarating hike in the spring, or a late night chat with a childhood friend, an epic rock song, re-connecting you with the world. Now and again you’ll find art that makes you think “That’s me!” Through art you’ll find someone with the same sense of humor, that hidden quirk you’re secretly proud of suddenly feels more magnificent, everything seems mesmerizing and strangely intimate. In an ever frantic world, finding art we love makes us feel more alive, living with art makes us smile in gratitude. Through art you’ll discover someone compelled to quest for the same ideals as you, a powerful ally on a dark night.

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Asia highlight! Art from Hong Kong, Japan, Indonesia and more.

Beat the post-holiday blues with art from Asia! January is a month for introspection. Stew features artworks that are anxiety reducing, calming, wise, and emboldening. We love young artists who are obsessed with the big questions with an upbeat attitude. Their works put us back in touch with the most important ideas and essential emotions: maintaining a sense of stability in an increasingly wild world, venturing into solitary nights, staying curious forever, and being fearless in love.

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Spotlight on North America! Art from Montreal, Mexico City, California and more.

Stew features young artists who are insatiably inquisitive, taking time to analyze the world we live in today: tackling tough subjects like family, relationships, city life, dysfunctional governments, solitude. We’re excited to present artists from North America! They’re filled with ambition, they turn their findings into delightfully eccentric, wonderfully witty and forever amusing scenarios, shedding light on the personal, political and social issues that define our generation. We love art that ratchet up the weirdness meter. Young artists on the front lines of technology shows us where humanity has been. Their work helps to identify things that are truly important and inspires us to work towards the potential for how we will one day be.

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Art from Europe! Artists from Paris, Berlin, Madrid and more.

Artists on Stew are urgent and hopeful. Here are some of our favorite artworks from Europe (and this is a great chance to showoff our new menu!). These artworks articulate the vices and conflicts across the globe in satirical, quirky and humorous ways. They also courageously address the personal frustrations, solitude and nuances of our generation. Artists on Stew come from all across Europe, many are from art hubs such as Paris, London and Berlin, but outliers like Olsztyn (Poland), Belgrade (Serbia) and Omsk (Russia) gets extra love from us and our audiences.

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