If art had a motto…

Each day, the world appears to us to be more ambiguous, formless and paradoxical. The news repeatedly yells, “This is important!” and “That is a threat!”. It’s the lack of clarity that creates chaos and frustration. The purpose of art is to communicate deeper insights that are obscured by the dust and turmoil of daily life, to kindle a light in the darkness. Artists on Stew use language that hits a main vein of our generation. Their art helps reveal clarity, inspire courage, and instill determination. Art like this reminds us to clear away the chaos and helps us distinguish with certainty: THIS is most important, THIS is truly worth rejoicing.



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The Bluish Hour — Sweetest Melancholy

Melancholy is one of our favorite words. Phonetically it’s melodic, like it could be the long lost cousin of the word ‘symphony’. Melancholy is not grief, it is a more complex and elegant emotion, the sort of joy in sadness that links pain, beauty and wisdom. You may experience melancholy on an autumn evening walk, the mysterious skies and antiqued foliage suddenly makes you want to keep walking forever. You might feel saudade  after seeing fragments of an old lover, buried deep within your computer. Beneath the whirl, you hear the fragile echo of a once familiar voice — and it makes your heart throb. You will most certainly feel melancholy when confronted with an artwork that you love. Great art captures a sense of beauty, bliss and authenticity that one can never quite manifest in real life. Keep melancholic art within reach, indulge in your musings around the bluish hour.

Melancholy is a noble sadness, it is sophisticated, wistful, and dignified. English poet Percy Bysshe Shelley said it best:

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