Screening Room: Indelible Encounters, art by Anna Di Mezza

Anna Di Mezza creates wonderfully cinematic images with a surrealist twist. Her art is a collage-like arrangement of chance encounters, Old Hollywood lovers and anachronistic retellings of history. These images are surprisingly comforting in its randomness, at the same time strangely sensual. Intriguing gestures, mysterious rocky mountains and whimsical crystals are her reoccurring markers, where elusive truths are waiting to be deciphered. We see her art as screening rooms for life: unpredictable, funny, dramatic and fleeting. They gives us a chance to skip back, in order to find meaning, melody and eternity within moments.

In her own words: “Surrealism, Stanley Kubrick, David Lynch, Boards of Canada and ‘The Twilight Zone’ are amongst the many influences in my work. The paintings invite the viewer to make up the plot in their own mind as if the images were taken from a frame from a surreal film.” (more…)

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Forever, like the movies.

Art by Anna Di Mezza are like frames from surrealist cinema, they draw you in with mysterious settings: giant crystalsicebergs and outer space. But it’s the allure of surprise and uncertainty that holds our attention. Her art is a delightful mix of bizarre, intriguing, relatable and romantic. They break barriers of time and makes us surrender to wonder. Jarek Puczel’s sequences are magnets for emotion. He captures the most monumental moments of life and love. An embrace is made continuous, the most glorious human achievement turns into an emblem for endless possibility, that throb of first love is replicated infinitely, intensely, and precisely in color. His artworks are glimpses of forever. (more…)

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What happens when we open our hearts?

All of us spend so much effort trying to hot-wire connection, we attempt to look intelligent, unbreakable and trendy to our peers. When all the while, it’s the bluesy, melancholic parts that win people over. In an age where “authenticity” is a vacuous marketing buzzword, vulnerability is one of the few genuine states that creates meaningful connection. But it takes courage to face vulnerability and artists feel it the most. Artists embrace the risk of being misunderstood. Their art inspires us to open our hearts to discomfort, to be seen with our struggles. Collect art about vulnerabilities, they illuminate an entire rainbow of emotions. Art turns us inward and peels back our concealing layers, revealing the sensitivity where we truly live.

Art connects us with our mutual vulnerabilities.


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What goes deeper than religion and political opinion?

“Art is the only serious thing in the world. And the artist is the only person who is never serious.” says Oscar Wilde. 

Today’s world climate makes us doubt whether there’s still room for humorous art. Comedy is always a necessity! Art with a witty sense of humor reframes our vulnerabilities, and turns them into charming, bittersweet rhapsodies about modern life. A sense of humor is a sense of perspective. Works with a playful, lighthearted tone defies the gloom and shadow. A shared sense of humor goes deeper than religion and political opinion, it’s the key for enduring friendships. Sarcasm, parody and humor are indicators that we will recover from heartaches and walk into the afternoon sun restored and anew.

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Notions of Time.

Our most valuable resource has provoked artists generations before and after. This relentless force has enthralled countless writers, scientists and philosophers. To them, time is a game played by the youngan illusiona dream“Five minutes are enough to dream a whole life,” says Uruguayan poet and journalist Mario Beneditti, “that is how relative time is.” Despite all the romance and resistance, our lives are ruled by time. We deal with urgency too early or too late. See how artists on Stew visualize this unique, slippery and mind-boggling concept, from symbolism to hidden meanings, browse art about time that captures the amber of the moment. Art has a unique way of precisely segmenting the details and preserving them. Art brings out life’s timelessness.

“Time…It is like a momentary vacuum into which rushes all that I love.”— Vladimir Nabokov


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