Love is always in beta.

lovers1blogFreshly printed: Lovers (1) by Jarek Puczel in Postcard and Large

We all know that on-screen, hyperbolized notions of love are not real life. But we still absorb some of how we feel through art: novels, songs, films, mediated versions of reality. Our collection of art depicts realistic, sincere impressions of love: nuanced, anxious, specific. Collect art that captures the poetry of an embrace: when molecules in the air turn into skin and fills the room, and the wistful: what it’s like when the person you love is your destination. Browse art that reminds us: love doesn’t just happen, it must be maintained, love is always in beta. Art turns the dust of everyday life into colorful, refined compositions, they’re insightful and cathartic. (more…)

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Make them smile out loud.

Collectors who buy art as gifts make up a major part of our client base. It’s no wonder, art is the best gift! In days when our emotions are expressed through smiley faces, we’re feeling more misunderstood and dislocated. Art makes a wonderful difference and helps us feel connected again. An ultimate expression of friendship and understanding, giving art as gifts may be the one gesture that makes a true impact on our daily lives. Make them smile out loud. Art is a concentrated form of the best the world has to offer. (more…)

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The face is a picture of the mind.

What a gulf between the pretty sheath of a face and what’s beneath — the same with art. True beauty radiates from under the mask and muscles. The artworks on Stew are more than just pretty faces. These are the unrepeatable combination of expressions that honor how we feel on the inside: true beauty lies between the etched lines of experience and inky crevices of melancholy, the angular features that interchange between grit and grace. From brooding, pensive gazes to feverish gestures of wildness and flowery eyes that say a thousand words. The sweet, miscellaneous facial expressions mark the nuances of our generation and will ultimately put a smile on your face. (more…)

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In bloom and blossom: Art by Pedro Tapa

Art by Pedro Tapa lights up electrolytes in the bloodstream! These artworks will make you open your eyes wider to finer details and sharper color. The infinite blooms and blossom speak to the inestimable beauty in life, with all its bends and intricacies. And what about that gorgeous uncut hair strewn across the flowers? Free-spirited and splendid! His art reminds us of the tactile experience of nature — both caressingly soft and daringly brave — and that we should undoubtedly be among them. (more…)

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Band together and live well.

Art is the biggest engine to break cultural barriers and to rebuild universal values. Around the world we’re seeing narrower minds, disillusioned hearts and broken harmonies. Artists on Stew exhibit an energetic portrayal of solidarity, empathy and friendship; these artworks stand in contrast to today’s political tension and social divides. Collect art about unity, variety and collaboration — a powerful force to close the distance between us.

Young artist Max Grunfeld from Hamburg said it simply and eloquently: “No matter where you are from, what shape, form, color or background, we are all equals and we should carry each other, in stead of fighting each other.”


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