For the idea chasers: Playful and poetic art by Kyle Skor

New art by Kyle Skor plumbs into a world refracted by a wonderfully bizarre prism, it’s ambitious, playful and suffused with randomness. We’re totally charmed by his rumbling ideas and yet these artworks feel ambient and soothing. Though we can’t explain the cute gingerbread man…our thoughts resonate at the same frequency. His art journals how we can all go from emotionally withdrawn to electrifying. The mood captures the zeitgeist of our generation: we’re the idea chasers who choose to face the unpredictable in lieu of the standard-issue step by step approach. His art reminds us that chaos can mean opportunity, and our jolts of frustration can be tuned into poetry. (more…)

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Born in the 80s? You might like these artworks.

If you find being an adult a semi-mystical experience, you’re not alone. We’re a generation of adult-aged people who don’t feel like adults 90% of the time. We’ve grown up feeling uneasy about the effects of technology, we’re serious and emotional and nothing seems to hit the spot. These artworks reflect the appetites of our time: we’re soaked in nostalgia, reminiscing when youngsters saved the day, still longing for the alternative. Funny and thought-provoking, these artworks present our enthusiasm for the “real world” despite the uncertainties. (more…)

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