A point of departure


It’s no surprise that we all have an appetite for adventure — travel is the world’s biggest industry. Travel can be more than sightseeing, travel is only the beginning. It’s unexpected when you find when the nondescript service station more admirable than the guidebook monuments, and most moving, the lovelorn goodbyes of strangers at the station. Art and travel reminds us that we live a perpetual parting of ways, an endless flux of distance and proximity. Browse art that inspires you to venture out on the coldest days, to appreciate the unanticipated, to linger on every experience, then return with something valuable.

Find your way… or make one!

framesview1View 1.0
by Nicholas Stathopoulos from Canberra

frameshelllabyrinthHell Labyrinth
by Marc M. Gustà from Barcelona

framescircularmountainscapeCircular Mountainscape
by Chrysa Koukoura from Melbourne

framepinkplanetPink Planet
by Sasha Baranovskaya from Omsk

framejapanbridgeJapan Bridge
by Baptiste Virot from Brussels

frameflymetothemoonFly me to the moon
by Emily Lau from Hong Kong

by Cityabyss from Lomza


Alice Zhang

Alice Zhang

Creative Director at Stew