Turn up the dial on happy and crazy: Alba Blázquez from Madrid

Imagination is the highest form of research! Alba Blázquez is a young artist, illustrator with a potent and magnetic imagination. Her playful imagery is rooted in satire and social comedy, sounding off the turmoils of city life: the humor, bewilderment and sometimes ridiculousness of urban lifestyles. Real life contains its inevitable lousy bits, but the only way through the heartaches, tribulations and loneliness is to endure it with an upbeat tone (and pizza). Her work is invigorating, high-powered and infectiously happy! We love the constant galactic imagery, it brings to our attention that no matter how dark, the galaxy outshines our problems on Earth.

Alba started her career as a photographer but quickly discovered that illustration is a quicker and surefire way of documenting the curious and bustling happenings in her mind.

What a fantastic, wild and curious imagination! The world belongs to the energetic. Turn the dial up on happy and crazy!


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Art from Europe! Artists from Paris, Berlin, Madrid and more.

Artists on Stew are urgent and hopeful. Here are some of our favorite artworks from Europe (and this is a great chance to showoff our new menu!). These artworks articulate the vices and conflicts across the globe in satirical, quirky and humorous ways. They also courageously address the personal frustrations, solitude and nuances of our generation. Artists on Stew come from all across Europe, many are from art hubs such as Paris, London and Berlin, but outliers like Olsztyn (Poland), Belgrade (Serbia) and Omsk (Russia) gets extra love from us and our audiences.

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